Charlotte, NC – Stein Fibers, Ltd. has partnered with Corttex, Brazil’s largest leading supplier of fabrics and textile goods. Corttex, with nearly a half-century of industry experience, offers products designed for consumers that prioritize comfort and sophistication while also providing cost solutions to enable customers to navigate the ever-changing international trade climate. Combined with their recognized performance of prompt delivery and quality-oriented focus, Corttex proved to be the best fit for Stein Fibers’ partnership into the upholstery fabrics industry.

Stein Fibers, Ltd. recently commenced distribution of upholstery fabrics in order to diversify their offerings to current and prospective customers. Stein Fibers, Ltd. has a vast understanding of the base product and how to engineer fabrics to meet customer specifications. They carefully design the fabrics, controlling the yarn, weaving pattern, dye-patterns, printing, and embossing to be creative in finding solutions to customers’ needs.

Stein Fibers, Ltd. has served the furniture and soft goods industry for more than 40 years, and continues to be one of the largest suppliers and producers of polyester staple fibers in North America. They pride themselves on maintaining an extensive in-stock product line to provide on-time delivery. This is facilitated with more than 15 warehouses in North America. They are currently the industry leader in production, sourcing, delivery, and sale of textile related fiber products, with annual shipments exceeding 500 million pounds. These products are the backbone of many industries including: Automotive, Furniture, Non-Wovens, Pet Bed and Fiberfill, Home Décor, Medical, Filtration, and more.

Stein Fibers, Ltd. prides itself on its continued growth so that they can remain a premier supplier in the textile industry. The company strengthened their value in the textile market with the addition of two US recycled staple fiber manufacturing facilities in 2000 and 2008. Plastex, one of the leading suppliers of recycled plastic and textile products, was acquired by Stein Fibers, Ltd. in 2017. The company continues to expand and has extended its offerings by moving into several reprocessing and manufacturing areas.

The recent addition of fabrics into their extensive product line is an example of the many ways that Stein Fibers, Ltd. continues to be the industry leader in the distribution of textile products and services.

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