We care about the environment. One of our most used products, Recycled Polyester, is produced from raw material waste, which would otherwise go to a landfill.

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Recycled Polyester is produced from raw material waste, which would otherwise go to a landfill. There are two different categories of recycled polyester: post-industrial and post-consumer.


Industry Leadership

Educate your business development team about extensive synthetic fiber types that are available globally. Connect your development team with other customers that are in similar industries where relationships are mutually beneficial. Provide cost savings solutions related to lean manufacturing practices where inventory turns are a top priority.



Post-consumer waste is recovered from the consumer supply chain, primarily from beverage bottles, which are recycled and then ground and processed as a polyester staple fiber feedstock.



Post-industrial waste is generated during the manufacturing process of upstream polyester and plastic products. This can be from virgin fiber producers, tire cord manufacturers, polymerization plants, and many other plastic products.

Infinity Polyester


Infinity Polyester is a recycled polyester fiber brand produced domestically by Stein Fibers, Ltd. It launches the U.S. polyester industry into a more environmentally friendly future. Stein Fibers, Ltd. is committed to providing value-added fiber solutions while maintaining an environmentally sustainable business.




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