As part of our continuing efforts in standing behind our customers, our Vice-President and Owner, Sidney (Chip) Stein III, will be testifying at a hearing at a U.S. Trade Representatives’ Hearing in Washington, D.C. on the proposed Section 301 tariff list. As a customer-oriented company, Stein Fibers, Ltd. focuses on efficient logistics and excellent sales support. We have developed long-term personal relationships by consistently leveraging our network to support our clients’ needs.

Chip will be expressing Stein Fibers’ opposition to imposing a 25% tariff on imports of flame retardant (FR) viscose rayon staple fiber from China.

While we appreciate the consistent efforts to address unfair trading practices, we strongly urge the USTR to focus on certain finished textile products as opposed to the raw materials used in these final goods, such as FR Rayon. We understand that an increased cost on these products will cause great financial impact on U.S. companies and consumers.

Our goal is to support our customers through logical legislation that keeps their cost down and allows them to maintain their market share.

Chip is joined by NCTO President and CEO, Kim Glas, who is also expressing her concerns regarding the proposed tariffs. Click here to learn more!